RND 1 #2
C-print 50x60cm, 2017
RND 3 #7
C-print 50x60cm, 2017
RND 5 #2
C-print 50x60cm, 2017
The series RND was selected to be part of the Making it Real exhibition from 6-8 of October in London. This series looks at the role of the digital in image making. This is done beyond the common recording of the real, to the point of generating reality itself. In order to do so an apparatus was conceived where the algorithm, running on a computer, outputs repeatedly unpredictable colour, which is recorded through the use of an analogue film camera.
The main question this process raises is the doubt of who created the work. is the algorithm just a mere part of the process? Or is the algorithm permeating the reality in those images?

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